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 Towing (410) 747-6797

UPDATED - Currently, Varsity Towing is only handling calls from the Baltimore County Police. We will update this website when this changes.

Varsity's dependable towing department can handle a variety of your vehicle transport needs. This was no more evident when the Pope visited Baltimore in 1995. Our Towing department was chosen to be the transport vehicle for the local news stations covering the event. A special platform was constructed and placed on the bed of one of our flatbed trucks. Our driver carefully drove just ahead of the "Popemobile" which allowed the news crews to get the pictures they needed to allow viewers at home to see this rare event. This was an honor and a treat for us at Varsity Auto.

Varsity Towing offers:
  • Damage free towing
  • Worry free transport
  • Secured storage
  • Both flatbed & wheel lift towing available

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Varsity is a licensed Baltimore County Police Towing Company

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